miércoles, 8 de octubre de 2008

Invention cause-effect essay


Computer, nowadays, is indispensable for our lives. However (according to a Japanese research) being exposed to a computer screen for a very long period of time, can be harmful for human health. The purpose of this essay is to discuss the tree main effects of this behavior in our personal lives.

The major effect, found by Japanese researches, reflected that people who spend the most time in front of a computer screen suffer most from such symptoms as back pain, anxiety and insomnia. People with the worst symptoms spent five or more hours a day computer-bound. This kind of addiction makes that our organism creates dependence of a screen and it can never take off her. For example the office workers that spends in average 40 minutes at day on unnecessary e-mail, or young people that chatting all day on their messenger. As a result, this addiction can produces seriously problems to our psychologist and physical efficiency of human body.

The second main effect is how people begin to be sedentary. The computers fans stop to practice any exercise, they not even go to the kitchen to get ready something of eating because that removes them time in front of the screen; their muscles begin to suffer nuisances, like the “tunnel of carpio” on hand created by the use of the mouse. Therefore, we have to realize that there are more forms to amusing our time and that, if is too necessary the use of computer, we can take some hours to relax our muscles and improve other kind of activities.

The most significant effect of exposing long time in a computer is that we distance from people without our realizing. The possibilities that offer for example the Internet, makes that people prefer to stay in front of a computer screen that sit down to eat with their family. This behavior, limit time spent with family and friends in favor of the PC. Consequently, a person prefers to communicate with others across the computer instead of call them or invite to drink a couple of coffee.

All things considered, can be a serious problem for our lives. We have to remember that computer is one of the most important inventions in the twenty century, but its wrong use can be generate biggest replies in the organism and in the environment. Most important of all, it can produce psychologist and physical complaints. And, as a result for all, it can take us to move away from people that more we love.

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