viernes, 8 de agosto de 2008

Science: Inventors and their inventions

The main topic for this blog is the most important inventors and inventions, and, in my case, how their role has been in the development of my career, Social Communication.

The media has always made part of the science's history. From the telephone until the Internet, going by television and, of course, the press; all these types of communication have been used by the journalist to maintain informed the people. Without counting the things that were invented before and the brains that made them reality.

what is an inventor?

Is that person that think in the humanity progress and advantages. They give answers to many things in the world, and try to please the human mind and the necessities of the society. For a lot of time, these characters have created wonderful things, only with what the mother nature has offered them.

What is an invention?

Is a new thing, a new object or a new idea. Someone create a new form, a composition of matter that make human life more easy and please the brilliant minds. Some of theme are based on pre-exinsting processes or ideas, but always somebody have a new contribution that develops the knowledge and human experience.

The important of science

Most inventors and inventions have made an effort to discover and to increase the human understanding and the forms how people live. They resort to different methods like the phisical evidence or natural phenomena to collect data, or with a less exact and more human formula: the communication. We have as a examples the stadistics, the experimental communities and the society in general, because all us are part of the science.

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