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Graham and Krolopp

There are a lot of inventors that have contributed to the communication’s development. In this essay I’m going to talk about two people Alexander Graham Bell and Rudy Krolopp, the first more famous and grateful than the second one, but at the end, both have been considered as the creators of the most extraordinary inventions that nowadays are fundamental tools for our culture.

The principal differences of these two characters are that Alexander Graham Bell was born in Edimburg, Scotland in 1847 and died in 1922 while Rudy Krolopp was born in the United States of America in 1932 and still lives with 74 years. The first one is considered an eminent scientist, inventor and innovator, and the second is an engineer (but not for this, he is excluded inside the inventors of the world). We can found a lot of information of Graham’s family, but the facts of Krolopp are very scarce. For example: In the case of Alexander, his family had a big importance for their life, his father, grandfather and brother were associated with the work on elocution and speech because of his mother and wife deafness. But, unfortunately, we can not know if the family was an ingredient for the Krolopp work.

However, Alexander and Rudy have big similarities: both discovered their inventions working hard and experiencing with the little thing that they had to disposition in their house or in the work. Graham researches on heaving and speech further led him to experiment with hearing devices that eventually culminated in the first U.S patent of the telephone in 1876. Krolopp, on the other hand, worked in Motorola Company in 1972 when his boss called him and told him that he had to create a “cellphone”, but he didn’t really know what that device was. Finally, Krolopp designed the Motorola Dyna TAC8000X, the first model of cellphone in the world. Moreover, none of both escapes to curious data in their life: When Graham Bell died, all telephones at U.S kept a silent minute in tribute to the man that had made possible their communication. The cellphone model of Krolopp was presented in 1983, nicknaming “the brick”.

These inventors discovered with their talent, two of the most important devices for the world: as much the telephone as the cellphone allows people to be in contact and to develop the sense of the communication. Both inventors worked hard in their specialties until they were able to create the ‘unimaginable’ and to pass to the history.

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